Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Weekly world flood update

This week I came across numerous news items, reporting floods occurring everywhere around the world... No wonder that the Proventium Consortium has a specific newsletter specifically concerning floods (you have to register first and then click the newsletter topics of your choice)!

Oxfam reports floods in Niger, affecting more than half a million people and causing 80 casualties. The floods are due to heavy rains and have caused a lot of damage to especially the agricultural sector. Food prices are expected to rise sharply in the coming months.

In Cameroon, heavy rains caused the breach of a large water reservoir, which surprised the North Eastern parts of the country (and also parts of Nigeria). Also in this case, huge secondary flood impacts are expected, especially in the field of health – cholera, malaria, and other infectious water related diseases.

More than a million people are displaced in the North Eastern part of India (bordering Bangladesh, where downstream flood waters are also expected). Next to reports of casualties and damage to properties, also the National Park has been affected (photo Indian Times).

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