Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Update: new research group, refining research themes and delta cases

Hi there! Welcome back to my research project. Several things have changed over the last year - so it was about time to post this update!

After working in 2012 at the Disaster Studies chair, in 2013 I moved to a different research group. I'm now with the Environmental Policy Group, located in the Leeuwenborch. Unfortunately, a few months after I moved the Disaster Studies chair was dissolved. ENP conducts environmental social science and policy research. Some PhD's are involved in the Building with Nature programme; an interesting link!

In terms of research themes, some modifications have been made to the original research proposal. I don't want to bother too much with what has been changed, added or downsized - instead, it is much more informative to discuss about the refined main features.

A sneak preview by means of the new research title: de-poldering and controlled flooding in the Dutch, Bangladesh and Vietnamese (Mekong) deltas. 'Greener' approaches to dealing with flood function as a context. In the next posts, I will post more on each individual delta cases: the Noordwaard, Tidal River Management and controlled flooding in the Long Xuyen Quadrangle.

I still hold my affiliation to the Netherlands Water Partnership, were I work as an advisor to the Water Mondiaal programme. The aim of the programme is to coordinates the bilateral collaboration between Bangladesh and the Netherlands in the field of water. It's a busy period with two large water management programmes on-going, funded by the Dutch Embassy in Dhaka: Blue Gold, on integrated polder development in the southwest delta, and the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 project, aiming to assist the Bangladesh government in developing a long term vision (and strategy) for dealing with socio-economic and other delta trends. Dealing with floods will surely be part of it!

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