Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Background info: Oosterschelde storm surge barrier

Besides a random online search for pictures about the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier, a dedicated website provides images as well as basic historical background about the delta works. It offers a subpage in English on the barrier itself, as well as a virtual tour (also available here) over/through the barrier’s interior.

This kind of information mainly functions as promotion material, and does not critically go into the socio-political dimensions of the dam. The decision to construct the dam in the first place, the resistance that rose against those plans, and the alternatives in terms of design are lively described by Paul de Schipper in his book ‘De slag om de Oosterschelde’ (the battle about the Oosterschelde). Unfortunately his account is written in Dutch, but several academic scholars, including Wiebe Bijker and Cornelis Disco have investigated political and scientific particularities of the structure in English. Their articles can be found here and here

 Source: Beeldbank Rijkswaterstaat

 Source: Beeldbank Rijkswaterstaat

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